OMModify™! is a digital video distribution platform for selling protected/encrypted video downloads and On-Demand streaming right from your DVD web store! A fast and effective way to sell digital videos that won’t cost you a lot of bitcoin!

Turn your web site into a GLOBAL video store open 24/7! Call us to get started with Digital Delivery today!

The OMModify™! platform provides your customers with 5 ways to purchase your videos: Download to Own, On-Demand Unlimited Streaming, SVOD subscription, Rental Options and Give as Gift transaction that allows your customers to give your best programs to their friends and relatives!

Our Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) features our exclusive "tethered download" technology chosen by the #1 Fitness video distributors in the world! Viewers can download programs to tablets and smartphones for viewing when not connected to WiFi! Something Netflix and other platforms WISH they could do! (when subscription ends, downloaded content is removed automatically!)

From your OMModify™! dashboard, watch real-time sales, generate discount codes, easily make follow-up offers to your customers, track metrics and create reports!